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AwiGossip III/2023

LAB like AwiLAB

Turning two into three

Three gas analysis systems (AwiFLEX) with laboratory automation are currently being set up for the experimental facilities of the Bauhaus Institute for Future-Oriented Infrastructure Systems ( at Bauhaus University Weimar. The systems are used to investigate solid and liquid fermentation. The goal is to close resource cycles and optimise energy production. A special feature here is that research questions from both biowaste fermentation and brown and black water fermentation are carried out under one roof. This results in interesting synergies for both utilisation paths and innovative solution approaches for the future-oriented management of municipal material flows. To meet these research requirements, two existing AwiFLEX systems were converted and expanded, and a new AwiFLEX XL was installed. In addition to the expansion of all gas analysis systems with AwiLAB laboratory automation for the automatic recording of gas quality and quantity in the reactors (see article Oleofat), further control tasks were taken on. Thus, the two AwiFLEXs monitor and control six reactors and agitators each in a wet fermentation system, or twelve measuring points with twelve percolate pumps in a solids fermentation system.

The AwiFLEX XL covers measurement at twelve additional reactors and controls eight agitators and four pumps. All systems operate fully automatically and can be operated at a flexible interval or switched to manual control at any time. In addition, all systems have automatic calibration for all sensors.

We would like to thank the Bauhaus University Weimar for the exciting project and the many years of cooperation and wish them many interesting findings in their research work during operation of the technical centre there.

EUBCE in Bologna

Saluti da Bologna – we presented our laboratory fermenter in the “Red City” – the new product innovation Made by Awite.

The EUBCE is the world’s leading biomass conference and exhibition, which this year again attracted top-class trade visitors from international science and industry. You can find more impressions in our teaser.

In the middle of it all: the AwiLAB Digester – our high-end answer to the demand from laboratory research in the field of wet substrate digestion.

Together with our colleague Andrea Alberini from our Italian subsidiary Awite Srl, we were able to explain the advantages of this mobile plug-&-play laboratory unit with integrated gas analysis to many interested parties – technology and innovation that excited everyone.

And so, we are already looking forward to many more inquiries for this most sophisticated and intelligent laboratory fermenter in the industry.

AwiFEX XL in combination with our laboratory automation system

Oleofat is an innovative Spanish company that focuses on sustainability and wants to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Thus, it specialized in the valorization of both oil by-products of plant origin (intended for biofuels industry) and raw materials for the oleochemical sector.

For doing their own research experiments, Oleofat runs a laboratory. One current project there is to test anaerobic digestion processes in 1L pyrex bottles to study the potential of different raw materials and different mixtures of waste in a discontinuous manner.

Together with our Spanish partner ARC, we have put together a system for Oleofat that is specialized for gas measurement of extremely small gas production volumes: our gas analyzer AwiFLEX XL in conjunction with our AwiLAB laboratory automation – and since there are 19 cylinders to monitor, there are three AwiLAB devices…

Each AwiLAB has its automatic sample point switch-over, is recording the gas volume produced per fermenter and the gas bag filling levels per fermenter. It also automatically empties the gas storage bags after the gas measurement. The 19 MilliGas Counter which monitor the gas quantity are integrated into the system.





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