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Tailor made solutions for satisfied customers.

Your applications in the field of biogas


Do you have agricultural and/or industrial plants? Then we have something for you.


Biogas treatment

You make biomethane from raw gas? Be even more successful with us.


Dry fermentation

Continuous or batch operation, fermenter or garage


Sewage gas

You want to know how good your sewage gas is and how efficient your plant is? Then please call us!


Landfill gas

What happens where on your landfill? We'll be happy to tell you!



The right control for your PtG plant and your methanation.


Combustion processes

Pyrolysis and syngas

Combustion processes

Batch fermentation system, yield test or residual gas potential - What else is in it?

Biogas desulphurisation

Biologically, chemically or physically, what comes out is interesting.

Custom-fit products & solutions for satisfied customers

Gas analysis

Our gas analysis systems AwiECO and AwiFLEX ensure smooth operations through comprehensive process control.


Hydrogen sulphide fully under control: with the microbiological desulphurisation AwiDESULF and its FuzzyLogic.

Flow measurement

Measure even more accurately with AwiFLOW for stable processes.

Lab facilities

High-quality complete systems for continuous fermentation experiments. Stand-alone, groups or complete container solutions.


You decide for yourself whether it's Sven, Mats or Lars. The tailor-made service AwiPLUS offers complete support for your gas analysis.

We'll be glad to help


Service gas analysis:

Service automation: