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biogas desulphurisation

Biogas desulphurisation AND BIOGAS PURIFICATION

Your plant eliminates hydrogen sulphide biologically, physically or chemically. Then we will be happy to determine with you the effectiveness of the purification, the activity of the biology or the loading state of adsorption materials such as activated carbons.

Plan the exchange of your activated carbon with sufficient lead time. The measuring point in the right place and you’re ready to go. And if the air dosing needs to be SIL-safe, we are also happy to help with our systems for continuous oxygen monitoring and/or dosing. Everything under control with Awite systems.


Gas analysis

Our gas analysis systems AwiECO and AwiFLEX ensure smooth operations through comprehensive process control.


Hydrogen sulphide fully under control: with the microbiological desulphurisation AwiDESULF and its FuzzyLogic.

Flow measurement

Measure even more accurately with AwiFLOW for stable processes.