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Digitisation in science.

Components, process control, gas analysis system. With the AwiLAB Digester, we offer you a fully equipped laboratory system and are also at your side, from planning to service.

Research with safety. With the integrated leak test, the self-closing quick connectors, and the overpressure protection, we guarantee safety in the laboratory as well as the protection of the test results during data processing, normalization, archiving or output.

You want more? In the modular design, up to 7 fermenter modules can be integrated and thus experiments can be carried out on a scientific basis. In accordance with VDI 4630, the AwiLAB Digester allows fermentation tests that serve the design and operational optimization of biogas plants, as well as sampling or substrate characterization.

An agitator that convinces. The individual screw-paddle combination not only prevents floating and sinking layers, but also ensures a fully mixed tank – even with high dry matter content. Stable, powerful, and replaceable at any time.


For more information, please visit the homepage , the social media channels or contact us personally ( We look forward to your application in the research field!


We are especially pleased to have two new and one long-time partner!!!!

OSA international in Taiwan and ppm Industrial in Sweden.

OSA international whose company is based in Taipei, has been our new partner for the Taiwan market area since August 2020. Welcome!

Together with our new partner ppm Industrial,  whom we also welcome, we can now also cover the local market in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

10 years of partnership in Thailand.

We would like to thank our friends Phairoj and Paiboon and their team for 10 years of partnership and friendship with TDI in Bangkok. And of course we are looking forward to the next 10 years and hopefully another meeting in Live in Thailand or Germany.

It has been more than 10 years since our friends visited us at our stand at IFAT in Munich and showed interest in a partnership. After a short time, on 01.09.2011, the contract was signed. That was still at the very beginning of Awite’s international orientation and TDI was our first partner overseas and in Southeast Asia at that time and our second partner ever.

During this period, there were several mutual visits, joint events and many fun times together, marked by the hospitality of our partners.

Consistency proves itself, in good times and bad. During this time, TDI was able to implement 115 projects in Thailand with our products and to make the Awite name strongly present in Thailand and to initiate the start of sales in the Southeast Asian market.

We would like to thank our sales partners worldwide for the great cooperation we have enjoyed so far and will continue to enjoy in the future – and we would like to welcome our new partners to our Awite team!





Central biogas treatment in Bitburg

With a newly built biogas pipeline, the joint venture “Biogaspartner Bitburg GmbH” bundles the raw biogas supplies from currently 7 biogas plants in this region. A further expansion to a maximum of 48 connected plants would be possible. Since May 2020, the gas has been transported in the 45-kilometer pipeline to a central processing plant in the Bitburg airfield commercial park. There, it is processed to natural gas level and fed into the gas grid as biomethane.

Awite supplied high quality gas analysis systems AwiFLEX XL to the company Zahnen Technik GmbH for each of the 7 raw biogas production plants. This ensures that only high quality gas enters the network to the treatment plant. The calorific value is determined by calculation.

Oxygen, methane, and carbon dioxide are measured continuously in the raw biogas before it is fed into the grid, and the hydrogen sulphide concentrations at the activated carbon tanks are measured discontinuously. The measuring instruments are calibrated regularly and automatically. There is also remote access to all devices so that the network can be cleanly monitored.

In addition, two of our gas analysis systems AwiFLEX XL were sold to the company ETW Energietechnik GmbH. These two are located at the point where gas is withdrawn from the interconnected grid and refined, i.e., purified to natural gas quality.

There, with one analysis, the entire raw biogas is measured before it enters the pressure swing adsorption of the company ETW. With the second analysis, the upgrading process itself is monitored and the values are used for control. The quality of the biomethane and the lean gas stream are continuously recorded.

We would like to thank all participants and customers for their trust and are pleased to be part of this innovative project.


Das Projekt “BILAGAB – Biogas Laboratory and Gas Analysis Brazil” startete 2016 zusammen mit a

The project “BILAGAB – Biogas Laboratory and Gas Analysis Brazil” started in 2016 together with several local partners across all of Brazil and was successfully completed at the end of August 2020.

We are very pleased that the project goal of improving the competencies of Brazilian research and educational institutions in the field of biogas as well as increasing the level of awareness of the introduced new technologies in Brazil could be achieved together with our project partners.

Partners of the project include Brazilian universities and research institutions such as UNIVATES, UFSC, and Embrapa Suinos e Aves, as well as private companies such as CHP Brasil and AUMA Energia.

Since May 2019, our AwiBULLI has already covered more than 20,000 kms throughout Brazil. The Bulli (van) was upgraded to a high-speed biogas analysis and desulphurization system, with the possibility of practical on-site training.

Thanks to the project, Awite has been able to increase its visibility in Brazil. Joint solutions will continue to be offered together with AUMA and CHP Brasil in the future, and further automation modules are to be developed.

The project “BILAGAB – Biogas Laboratory and Gas Analysis Brazil” could be successfully completed despite Covid-19.

The training systems will remain an important point of contact at events and a resource for the training of professionals in the future.

We are looking forward to a further joint use of the AwiBULLI with UNIVATES.


Project Duration:

01.12.2016 – 31.08.2020

mehreren lokalen Partnern in ganz Brasilien und wurde Ende August 2020 erfolgreich abgeschlossen.

Wir freuen uns sehr darüber, dass das Projektziel, die Kompetenzen von brasilianischen Forschungs- und Bildungseinrichtungen im Bereich Biogas zu verbessern und den Bekanntheitsgrad der eingeführten neuen Technologien in Brasilien zu steigern, gemeinsam mit unseren Projektpartnern erreicht werden konnte.

Zu den Partnern des Projekts gehören brasilianische Universitäten und Forschungseinrichtungen wie UNIVATES, UFSC und Embrapa Suinos e Aves, sowie Privatunternehmen wie CHP Brasil und AUMA Energia.

Seit Mai 2019 hat unser AwiBULLI bereits mehr als 20.000 km in ganz Brasilien zurückgelegt. Der Bulli wurde zur rasenden Biogasanalyse und Entschwefelung, mit der Möglichkeit praxisnahe Schulungen vor Ort durchzuführen, ausgebaut.

Dank des Projekts konnte Awite seine Bekanntheit in Brasilien erhöhen. Mit AUMA und CHP Brasil werden auch zukünftig gemeinsame Lösungen angeboten.

Das Projekt “BILAGAB – Biogas Laboratory and Gas Analysis Brazil” konnte trotz Covid-19 erfolgreich zum Abschluss gebracht werden.

Die Schulungssysteme werden auch in Zukunft eine wichtige Anlaufstelle bei Veranstaltungen und für die Ausbildung von Fachkräften bleiben.

Wir blicken einer weiteren gemeinsamen Nutzung des AwiBULLIs mit der UNIVATES mit Freude entgegen.


01.12.2016 – 31.08.2020


We are developing a stationary low-level multigas emission sensor for simultaneous measurement of methane, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide. The measuring range of the new NDIR sensor will extend from the lower ppm range to the mid-single-digit percentage range. This allows e.g. monitoring intermediate spaces of digester covers, as well as the accumulation of toxic gases in shafts. The sensor can be operated both as a stand-alone version as well as with a corresponding evaluation unit. Audible and visual alarm signals warn of gas leakage at corresponding alarm limits.

The development of the sensor is supported by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt [“German Federal Foundation for the Environment”] (DBU).

The sensor will be called AwiEMI for short – Advanced Wide Range Infrared EMIssion sensor.